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April 21st, 2020
Pianofly 2.1 update has been released in the App Store. This update is for iOS 9+ and fixes a number of issues on "no home button" devices like the iPhone X, and newer.

Unfortunately, the OS has now monopolized the bottom edge of the screen for closing and switching apps which derails our keyboard scrolling along the bottom edge. We've moved the scrolling keyboard above the "home indicator" so that the app is usable again, but it is not as easy to scroll as it was before.

March 11th, 2017
Pianofly 2.0 update is now available in the App Store. This update is for iOS 8+ and fixes the rotation/screen bugs that made the old version unusable. If, by some miracle, you still have Pianofly installed, this update WILL import your old sounds and icons, though the old icons will be low resolution and have poorly rounded corners; if you want to start fresh with the new high res icons, delete Pianofly and re-install the new version.

This is an almost complete rewrite of the code to support all screen sizes/resolutions, improve performance, and is now a universal app to support all iPads too. Most graphics are now generated programmatically (waveform graphics used to just be squashed/stretched bitmaps) and a new icon picker was built.

Other new features include: triangle waves, a keyboard lock (on the far left end of the keyboard, it restricts scrolling to only the scroll bar), and a revert menu (with the option to revert a sound to the original factory settings and icon).

Also a few UI changes: I saw that users often double tapped and opened the sound editor by mistake and didn't know how to close it, so now there is an EDIT/SYNTH button to edit a sound (looks like a little wave), and the same button (which changes into the sound's icon while editing) will close the editor. Similarly, if you double tap a node to edit the envelope, an "X" button now appears on the node to close the envelope editor.

March 8th, 2017
I started rewriting
Pianofly about a year ago in my spare time. It started out as a small update to fix the screen rotation problem that was introduced in iOS 8 (I think), but this also meant creating a new icon picker (The old one required you to pick an image in portrait orientation, then switch back to landscape AND it was depreciated long ago by Apple). This soon lead me down a slippery slope to a full re-write to support all modern screen sizes (including iPads), fix a number of bugs/flaws/performance issues, and include a couple new features. Pianofly 2.0 for iOS 8+ is in testing now and should be back in the App Store within a week!

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