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ProductVersionRelease DateNotes
MixPad1.0RELEASEDMIDI file player.
NotePad1.5Spring 2007Dynamics, export formats, lyrics, and more.
BeatPad1.5Spring 2007low latency playback...
MixPad1.1Spring 2007change tempo, instrument transpose...
SpinPad1.0Spring 2007Late Dev. -Adding Krikit Synth.
WavePad1.0Summer 2007Design Phase - Multi-track digital audio editor.
AxisPad1.1Summer 2007Record and export performances.
NotePad Conduit X1.12007Early Dev. - Mac OS X native.
Quadrille2.02007Educational game teaching rhythmic notation
MixPadPro1.02007Record and edit MIDI files.
NotePad2.02007Design Phase - new drawing engine, new timing engine, zoom, undo, more!
BeatPad2.02007Design Phase - will do absolutely everything! Promise!

Last Updated March 19th, 2007 by Chad

This schedule is not a guarantee to deliver any product at any time, but is based on the most recent progress on the numerous projects underway here at miniMusic. Expected release dates may move earlier or later depending on development setbacks (like discovering bugs or API changes from Palm) or unexpected breakthroughs or changes in our priorities and management decisions. Project names used here may or may not be the final product name.

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