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“Very intuitive... the solution to the scrolling keyboard ‘problem’ is the best of any app I’ve tried (which is most of them!)... a fantastic app that is pretty unique and capable of great things.”

--Rob E.


Pianofly is a powerful musical instrument, featuring a revolutionary scrolling keyboard. You don't tap buttons to reach higher or lower parts of the piano, you just drag the keyboard to quickly reach all 88 keys! You can even scroll while you're playing for scales or long runs. This is the way the piano was meant to be played on the iPhone.

And that's just the beginning. Pianofly includes sixty different instrument sounds. Tap on a sound icon and play. After you choose a sound, expand the keyboard to fill the screen.

What's that? Sixty instruments aren't enough? Then open the synth editor and you can change every aspect of a sound. You can even edit the sound while you're playing! Edit any of the existing instrument sounds, or design a new one. Copy and paste to easily make variations of existing sounds.

Create an icon for your new sound using any image from your photo library!

Pianofly demo video. Spy before you buy!

(visit our Videos/Tutorials page for more videos)

Pianofly produces rich, high quality audio with wide harmonic content. The speaker on your iPhone or iPad will give you only a hint of the full sound and is especially lacking in bass frequencies. We recommend you use high quality headphones or plug into full size speakers.


  • The best live-scrolling piano keyboard for the iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • Full 88 key range.
  • On-screen volume control, change dynamics while you play.
  • 80 Instrument timbres, edit the default sounds or create your own.
  • Edit instrument definition while you perform for rich pitch bends and modulation changes.
  • High quality FM synthesizer engine for CD quality sound.

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