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“This is how the piano always wanted to work on the iPhone; now it does.”

--Chad Mealey

Pianofly Teaser
Shows off the scrolling, multi-touch piano keyboard interface. (This video was more impressive when the iPhone was still young!)

Pianofly Demo
Demonstrates a variety of instrument sounds and performance capabilities. Audio recorded directly from headphone jack.

Pianofly Walkthrough
Step by step through the interface: playing the keyboard, selecting instruments and basic editing.

(NOTE: This video is for the original version of the app, but there are a few changes in the current version: To edit a sound you now tap the EDIT button, which looks like a wave and replaces the menu button seen in this video. To close the edit screen you tap the same button, which changes into the icon for the sound while you are editing. While editing a sound you can still see a menu button which now replaces the "expand keyboard" button. To close the envelope editor, tap on the close button which appears over the selected node.)

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